The Houston EEB Communications committee was formed to ensure the opportunities and benefits of EEB are appropriately communicated to all stakeholders, with the right message for the right audience.


Short-term goals

  • To further develop this website platform where all material produced by EEB Houston can be effectively shared.
  • The committee is working with other committees to develop various tools, processes and real world case studies.

Mid-term action plans and goals

  • An action plan is being created to develop and maintain research and papers on the benefits of EEB among research institutes and universities, including a long-term funding strategy.
  • A second action plan will focus on the development of a long-term communications plan, particularly around public speaking opportunities and outreach, case studies, the development of a speaker’s bureau, video and written testimonies from high profile individuals in the Houston market, and social media.

Current Progress

  • The EEB Houston website was launched in August 2015.
  • The site provides information on the project background, project supporters and sponsors, the justification for EEB and resources (such as case studies and tools created by the other committees).
  • Over 12 case studies have been compiled as of August 2015.
  • Speakers bureau meeting system have been set up to enable EEB Houston members to communicate and discuss EEB in the city more easily.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Web metrics to determine the level of activity and interest in the content (TBD).

Downloads and Resources

EEB-Houston Lab Report

Beyond Houston: The WBCSD’s Energy Efficiency in Buildings Project

Video and Media Content

A full press kit for the Houston EEB project launch can be found at For all media inquiries, please contact Daniel Kietzer at

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