The Houston EEB Policy committee was formed to develop appropriate policies and regulation that can be effectively implemented in a non-regulated market to maintain competitiveness, and promote transparency and market activity.


Short-term goals

  • To support the City of Houston’s City Energy Project (CEP) as advisors. The CEP aims to include policies around benchmarking, building audits and operator training that aim to drive EEB investment in the private and public sectors.

Mid-term action plans and goals

  • An action plan to further the objectives of Houston’s EERS, with the expectation of increasing funding significantly, is being developed to overcome a lack of EEB incentives in the Houston market.
  • The committee will build the case to bring about changes to state data access policies that currently prevent owners of multi-tenant buildings from obtaining whole building energy data without tenant consent.

Current Progress

  • Providing ongoing support to Houston’s City Energy Project.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Number of Public Utility Commission (PUCT) Projects initiated due to EEB Houston activity (TBD)
  • Number of PUCT projects completed that benefit the energy efficiency market in Houston (TBD)


About the City Energy Project

The City of Houston has a strong history of implementing cost-effective and practical energy efficiency projects that grow the economy and improve the bottom line of building tenants and owners. The Houston City Energy Project builds upon this legacy, with an eye on establishing a competitive advantage for the City through energy-efficient buildings.

Through the Houston City Energy Project, the city will tailor a plan to advance energy efficiency and reduce waste in large buildings, which represent roughly 50 percent of the citywide square footage. Much like EEB Houston, this plan will leverage existing energy efficiency initiatives with new, complementary strategies to create more impact than any single program or initiative would have. Learn more at

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